The Governing Body shares responsibility with the Headteacher for the successful management of the school and the provision of the best possible education for its pupils. Apart from the Headteacher, who also sits as a Governor, the Governors are lay people from various walks of life. Three Governors are elected by parents to act as their representatives. All Governors receive training at the outset of their term of office as well as ongoing development training.

The Governing Body meets regularly on official business. Governors also play an important role in school life through monitoring curriculum standards, ensuring the fabric of the building provides for a first class education and listening to the views of staff, parents and pupils alike.

A formal complaints procedure exists under section 23 of the Education Reform Act (see Appendix 2), by which a sub-committee of the Governing Body may decide upon written complaints from parents. However, this procedure is intended only for very serious complaints that have not been resolved by informal contact between parents, the class teacher and Headteacher.

The Governing Body


Teaching and Learning

  • Maggie Broad (Chair)
  • Polly Kossowicz
  • Kate Jackson
  • Harriet Clark
  • Jo Green

Finance and Premises

  • Tom Dye (Chair)
  • Polly Kossowicz
  • Emma Childs
  • Carl Baldry

Langham Village School - Governing Board 2023-23

Role Forename Surname Date of appointment Date term of office
Authority Maggie Broad 20/06/2020 19/06/2024
Headteacher Polly Kossowicz - -
Staff Jo Green 26/09/2022 25/09/2026
Co-Opted Tom Dye 12/06/2023 11/06/2027
Co-Opted Harriet Clark 21/11/2019 20/11/2023
Co-Opted Chris Carroll 06/02/2020 05/02/2024
parent Kate Jackson 27/11/2021 26/11/2025
Parent Carl Baldry 06 Jul 2023 05/07/2027
Clerk Lorraine Barnes 06 May 2022 -