The School and How it Operates

Home and School

Much learning has already taken place in the formative years before a child starts school. The home provides the root of real success and, through praise and appreciation, the child can gain confidence and be more willing to tackle new tasks. Positive attitudes to learning and self-esteem are created at home. We therefore believe that close contacts between home and school are beneficial to our children. We welcome parent/adult helpers and are proud of our positive community support.

An annual 'Home-School Agreement' is published and signatures of parents and the child are welcomed.

Parents are welcome to discuss their child with the class teacher or Head and appointments can be made at anytime. However, we do hold  informal  parents' meetings during the year where parents have an opportunity to share in their child's successes and discuss any issues with the class teacher.

In addition we have two formal parent consultation meetings in the Autumn and Spring terms. We produce a written report at the end of each term.

We have an active 'Friends' association, whose objective is to raise funds for the school by organising social events, thus enhancing the collective spirit we at Langham are so proud of.

School Hours

  • School starts at 8.30am
  • Playtime is at 10.30am
  • Lunch is at 12.00pm
  • School ends at 3.10pm

Teaching staff are at school before 8.30am and they are very busy preparing for the school day. We would very much appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that your child does not enter school before 8.30am.

Organisation of the Classes

We have four classes. Reception are taught on their own and the other three classes are mixed age.

Coral Class - Reception

Amber Class - Year 1 and 2

Quartz Class - Year 3 and 4

Jet Class - Year 5 and 6

The classes are vertically grouped and within them children may be organised in friendship, age or ability groups, depending on the activity involved. Each child, irrespective of age, is encouraged to work to his or her full potential.

We place much emphasis on quality and active involvement. We feel there is a place for all forms of learning, formal/informal, class, group and individual. We stress the importance of basic skills in developing numeracy and literacy, whilst ensuring that all learning has relevance to the children concerned.

We consider the school's links with the child's home to be important and hope that parents will always feel free to enter the school and talk with the class teacher.



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