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The School and How it Operates

Home and School

Much learning has already taken place in the formative years before a child starts school. The home provides the root of real success and, through praise and appreciation, the child can gain confidence and be more willing to tackle new tasks. Positive attitudes to learning and self-esteem are created at home. We therefore believe that close contacts between home and school are beneficial to our children. We welcome parent/adult helpers and are proud of our positive community support.

An annual ‘Home-School Agreement’ is published (see appendix 6) and signatures of parents and the child are welcomed.

Parents are welcome to discuss their child with the class teacher or Head and appointments can be made at anytime. However, we do hold monthly informal parents’ meetings during the year where parents have an opportunity to share in their child’s successes and discuss any issues with the class teacher.

In addition we have two formal parent consultation meetings late in the summer term to discuss the end of year report. This report is produced annually for each child indicating achievement and targets for future action.

When appropriate, the school organises briefings for parents on specific topics, such as current maths teaching and the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have an active ‘Friends’ association, whose objective is to raise funds for the school by organising social events, thus enhancing the collective spirit we at Langham stand for.

School Hours

  • School starts at 8.45am
  • Playtime is at 10.30am
  • Lunch is at 12.10pm
  • School ends at 3.10pm

Teaching staff are at school before 8.45am and they are very busy preparing for the school day. We would very much appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that your child does not enter school before 8.30am.

Organisation of the Classes

We aim for continuity and progression between the phases (key stages) of education and between classes. The classes are vertically grouped and within them children may be organised in friendship, age or ability groups, depending on the activity involved. Each child, irrespective of age, is encouraged to work to his or her full potential.

We place much emphasis on quality and active involvement. We feel there is a place for all forms of learning, formal/informal, class, group and individual. We stress the importance of basic skills in developing numeracy and literacy, whilst ensuring that all learning has relevance to the children concerned.

We hope that on entering the Early Years class a child will soon settle into the daily routine of our school and feel relaxed in a friendly, yet disciplined atmosphere. Emphasis will be placed upon the basic skills but the children’s awareness of their environment will always be encouraged. Much of our work is centred on projects and, as the children progress, they will be encouraged to use books and other sources of information to enrich their knowledge and understanding.

We consider the school’s links with the child’s home to be important and hope that parents will always feel free to enter the school and talk with the class teacher. We have produced a welcome leaflet on ‘Early Years’ which can be obtained from our School office.

The Key Stage 2 children are encouraged to show initiative and work on projects for a longer period of time.

We believe in a rigorous approach to all subjects with the children setting their own targets for improvement.

The onus is very much on developing potential, confidence and an enjoyment of learning.

School Council

  • Staff Coordinator – Sue Rampley
  • Governor – Jeremy Bagnall-Oakley

Every child has the opportunity to serve on the School Council. The children put their names forward at the beginning of the year and will serve for one term. They are an extremely active group; discussing such issues as safety, games, behaviour, equipment, school trips and fund raising. They feedback their decisions to the rest of the school and organise many events through the year.


Langham Village School

International School AwardHealthy SchoolOfsted Outstanding 2011/2012International Primary Curriculum

Headteacher: Polly Kossowicz

Langham Village School, North Street, Langham, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7DG
Telephone/Fax: 01328 830377 • Email: office@langham.norfolk.sch.uk

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