Aims & Values


With children at the heart of all we do, to inspire ambitious, creative, independent learners

Our mission statement for Langham Village School is:

With children at the heart of all we do, to inspire ambitious, creative, independent learners.

We are fully committed to developing well – rounded happy children who

Think ‘BIG’

And progress onto the next chapter of their lives with the skills knowledge and experiences to achieve their dreams.

A reading- rich curriculum which enhances learning, supports the development of communication skills and results in the acquisition of knowledge which is retained, so that children learn more, remember more and know more.

A curriculum which celebrates difference, develops an understanding of right and wrong and which ensures children are tolerant and respectful.

A curriculum that is exciting and engaging, which challenges children to think, question, problem solve and reason and offers hands on experiences.

A curriculum which nurtures learning behaviour that will help children to succeed, supporting children uphold our school values by being:








  • To prepare our children to be the best they can be by establishing a lifelong love of learning and discovery
  • To deliver a Curriculum that provides memorable experiences
  • To create a friendly, fun, healthy and stimulating environment
  • To support our children in becoming respectful, happy, motivated learners with a strong belief in themselves
  • To celebrate each child’s uniqueness, individuality, talents and achievements
  • To build strong collaborative partnerships with families and the local community
  • To develop a learning culture throughout the school through high quality professional development for all staff
Vision And Values By GK 5